How to Integrate Mobile Push Notifications into a SaaS Product Using the Wuf App


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Mobile push notifications have become an indispensable tool for businesses wanting to engage their users in real time. For SaaS (Software as a Service) products, this engagement tool is often crucial to keep users informed, drive usage, and foster loyalty. In this article, we'll outline a simple yet effective method of integrating mobile push notifications into your SaaS product using the Wuf app.

Step 1: Getting your users onboard with Wuf

The first step in this process is to get your users to install the Wuf mobile app, which serves as the gateway to receiving these push notifications.
You can use various channels like emails, in-app messages, or banners on your SaaS product to encourage users to download the Wuf mobile app.
The easiest way is to provide a section in the user profile settings, to show the links to the iOS and Android Wuf app, and collect the User Key.

Step 2: Collecting the User Key code

After users have installed the Wuf app, they will receive a User Key code. This code is essential for you to send personalized push notifications to them.
You need to collect the User Key on your website and save it in your database as an additional attribute of your User.
Easily collect User Key| We provide pre-made simple UI components that you copy and paste on your SaaS website. Copy the components here
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Step 3: Sending Push Notifications via the Wuf API

With the User Key codes in your database, you're now ready to send push notifications. The Wuf API makes this incredibly straightforward. It is as simple as making an HTTP POST request to the endpoint
API Docs We provide extensive documentation about the API to send push notifications. Check all the possible options. Go to the Wuf API Docs
In conclusion, integrating mobile push notifications into your SaaS product using the Wuf app can be achieved in just three straightforward steps. By leveraging this approach, you can seamlessly engage with your users, delivering timely and relevant content directly to their mobile devices.

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